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Monday, 23 May 2011

Welcome to The Open Channel

I am delighted to be writing about The Open Channel which is launched today. This new venture, in which I am collaborating with Steve Loraine, hits the internet just three months after we conceived it in the Millennium Galleries Cafe in Sheffield.
Over the past six months many of us with long experience across the public sector and in public, private and voluntary partnerships, have been challenged to think afresh about what we need to do to make sure we retain the best and change the rest across all our public services. 
However you view the politics, change is inevitable and resources are in short supply. Steve and I believe we need to think about a more responsive and cost effective way to build skills and capacity across the public sector and amongst those partners in the private, voluntary and community sectors who share the challenge.
We are motivated by our deep beliefs in the strengths of people and our interest and skills in networking and social media. The Open Channel aims to create and support a community of people who work with communities and across organisations to provide excellent public services in whatever form is best. 
The concept of The Open Channel is to provide easy access to knowledge, support and networks which will help individuals, organisations and communities tackle really difficult problems today. By making use of web links, social media, email, skype, teleconferencing and webinars we are offering a choice of face to face or 'virtual' online support. This enables users of The Open Channel to tailor the services they need to meet their budget without compromising on quality.
Our focus is on organisational change and our core products are Action LearningDevelopmental Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry- all three building on the strengths that people have already. Our knowledge and skill base is wide, capturing the issues across the widest definition of public service. We assure the quality of our Services by working only with associates whom we trust and value - they are the best in the field in our opinion.
If you are interested in what The Open Channel has to offer, please look at the website and contact us personally to find out more. If you don't need us now, remember us for the future, and today, just tell a friend.

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